Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why You Should go See Pride and Prejudice! By Sydney Quanz

For the past ten years, SAC Day's Theatre  Class has built a reputation in the Homeschooling World for its fantastic productions. With over a hundred students, five directors and several family Dynasties; its seems that every year SAC day has somehow been able to produce a better production. Let 's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Two years ago, Mrs. Belinda Dunn took over as Director and took on Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing".  This play was driven by the playful relationships between the characters, and the inspiring elements that made the cast take ownership of Shakespeare's work.  Dogberry;s invisible police car, Benedict posing as a bartender, the watchmen with water guns and the brilliant (completely planned) extra scene with the Reverend and Leonato.  The set was simply, but gave ore focus to the fantastic cast.  The lead cast included Caleb Warren as Benedict, Robyn Scott as Beatrice, Kenneth Graham as Claudio and Ashley Mills as Hero. 

Last Year, Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" hit the stage with its natural turn-of-the-century wit and charm.  Heading up this production, Mrs. Dunn outdid herself with a fantastic set, great costumes and blocking that blew Much Ado About Nothing out of the water.  The comedy was the perfect mix between the goofy slapstick of Dr. Chasuble, and the clever word play of Algernon. Tied with the brilliant comedic diction of Oscar Wilde and the natural talent that hit the stage: The Importance of Being Earnest was arguably the best production in recent history.  The lead couples were played by Sam Dunn as John Worthing, Timothy Warren as Algernon, Mikayla Halsell as Cecily and Sydney Quanz as Gwendolyn.

How does SAC Day's Theatre Production class expect to follow these acts?  Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice will be taking the stage this April 24th & 25th. However, it won't be the yawn fest, quiet, proper Pride and Prejudice that your mom knows and loves. Taking the story back to Roaring Twenties, this production promises to be saturated with the same life, edge and drama that defined that decade.  The play revolves around the Bennet family and the romantic exploits of their daughters, involving the love-struck Jane who seems to have found “the one” in Charles Bingley, and her judgmental sister Lizzie, who is determined to hate the intimidating Mr. Darcy. With the pressure from the past generation to marry, the girls meet a circus of interesting characters such as the longwinded Reverend Collins, the charming officer George Wickham, snooty Caroline Bingley and the proper Lady Catherine(not to be confused with Lady Bracknell).  Amidst the love and betrayal, the wit and charm of the supporting characters will keep the audience interested.  

Director Naomi Phillips has cast most of the roles for the play. Junior Sydney Quanz has been cast as Lizzy Bennet, while Mr. Darcy will be played by Junior Jackson Waschek. Jane will be played by Hannah Belle Gamble, and Junior Mason Chapman will play Mr. Bingley. Some of the other cast includes Freshman Amy Yarbrough as Mrs. Bennet and Senior Kenneth Graham as Mr. Bennet. Sophomore Tiffany Prescott landed the pivotal role of Lydia Bennett, and Freshman Marie Mott will play her sister, Kitty. The Paragon of Virtue, Mr. Wickham, will be played by Michael Scarpino.  Expert creeper Mr. Collins will be played by Junior Caleb Wright, and Freshman Aubrey Fagan has been cast as Charlotte. The pointless drunk guy, Mr. Hurst, whose wife Louisa has mysteriously disappeared from the play, will be played by Freshman Austin Oden. The terrifying Catherine De Bourgh will be portrayed by Kenzie Carnahan, who may or may not be a Junior, and Logan Chapman, who is definitely a Junior, will play Colonel Fitzwilliam. 
So buy your tickets and keep your calendars open for April 24th & 25th to see the SAC day Production Class put on their best show yet!

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