Friday, March 13, 2015

Things to Do While You Have a Sprained Ankle by Amy Yarbrough

  Spring break is a great time to have fun with friends… But don’t have too much fun, because then you’ll end up stuck inside with a sprained ankle… So if you're like me, and should never be let out of the house without some sort of protective padding, here’s a list of things to pass the time!

1. Drown your sorrows in coffee. 

2. Torment your sibling until they finally leave the room.

3. Get a sudden urge to do productive things even though you can’t.

4. Clean the window so you can see the beautiful day from a safe distance.

5. Wish you could use said beautiful day to go running.

6. Laugh because you wouldn't run even if you weren't injured.

7. Play pitiful music on your guitar.

8. Stalk people on instagram.

9. Contemplate life.

10. Eat some food.

11. Watch Netflix until you realize you have to write a blog post.

11. Stare at a blank word document for an hour.

12. Write a list.

13. Repeat.

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