Monday, March 23, 2015

Golf is a Real Sport by Logan Chapman

It may not be as aggressive as football, as difficult as basketball, or as exciting as a nascar race and sure people in their 80s can still play the game, but in my opinion golf is the hardest and most exhilarating sport on the planet.  In most sports you can have an off day and still win because you are apart of a team, but in golf you are by yourself throughout the competition and this adds an exuberant amount of pressure which has been known to break professional golfers to the point of breaking and throwing golf clubs.

 In my opinion nothing is more satisfying then hitting the absolute perfect shot and having it do what you want it to do.  This feeling tops scoring a point in any other sport because us golfers realize the incredible skill and luck it takes to hit an incredible shot and how much harder it is to hit a tiny ball into a hole only slightly bigger from two football fields away than to shoot a big ball into a basket only a few feet in front of you.  So many factors of physics go into play as a good golfer is able to make a shot go left or right just by hitting the ball a different way or have it shoot really high in the air or run along the ground.  Where most other sports are repetitive, golf is always changing as every course is different and a skilled player must learn every course in depth to the point where the type of grass plays a factor.  The final difference that makes golf the best sport is the unmatched beauty of a golf course especially when it runs along a coast line and most other sports are played on a court or a field that never changes.

So for anyone saying that golf is boring or not a real sport all you have to do is go out and play a round sometime and you will see that golf is not a game you can just be naturally good at and how golf is the hardest game that man has ever invented.

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