Monday, March 23, 2015

Trending Music Review: Uptown Funk by Logan Chapman

Holding steady on the Billboard Hot 100 at rank number 1 where it has been for the past 11 weeks is the song Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and featuring the vocals of Bruno Mars.  Basically if you have managed to not have heard this song yet than you deserve in award because this song is everywhere.  Just like last years number 1 song Happy, Uptown Funk is being played on every station and talk show and it is almost impossible to not learn this whole song.  Mixed with the insanely talented vocals of Bruno Mars is a beat which throws back the whole song quite a few years to the funk days.  This hiccup from the normal sound of current music I believe is what has grown the songs fame along with the talented style and star persona of Bruno Mars.  If you ever want to test out just how popular this song is all you have to do is start humming the base line and I can almost guarantee you that someone will join you in singing this massive hit of a song.  

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