Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Inside Out" Pixar's Upcoming Masterpiece By Sydney Quanz

Finally, the movie I have been waiting three years for: Inside Out. This new masterpiece is from Pixar Animation Studios, which you might know from any of your most favorite childhood movies, (Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo ect.). Pixar is known for pushing the limits of our imagination beyond cheesy talking animals. They have explored world where toys can talk, rats can become cooks, robots can fall in love and superheroes can be part of normal families. However, for the past couple years Pixar has been lacking in the innovation department. Of their past four movies, there was a sequel, a prequel, the end of trilogy and an Irish Princess. though Brave was good, Toy Story made me cry, Monsters University was entertaining and Cars 2 just bombed, they each lacked the inspiring imagination that Pixar has made its trademark.

That is until now.

Inside Out is the story of a middle school girl, Riley, who moves to a new town, told cleverly through the personifications of her emotions: Anger, Fear, Sadness, Disgust and Happiness. These five characters live inside Riley's mind and show the complex battle of emotions that come with adolescence. Thus far, this movie looks like a creative way to understand the depression and anxiety that we all face at one point or another, with the positive message that there is always a bright side.

If this riveting concept doesn't make this movie and instant classic, then the colorful animation and  the vocal performance of Parks and Recreation's Amy Poehler, SNL's Bill Hader, The Office's Mindy Kaling and Phillis Smith and Lewis Black will make this animated feature one to remember.

The Trailer for Inside Out:

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