Monday, March 23, 2015

Trending Music Review: Believe by Logan Chapman

Making its Billboard Hot 100 debut as the highest debuting track of the week at rank 31 is the new song Believe by Mumford & Sons.  It has been awhile since Mumford & Sons released a new song and this song is going to be apart of their next studio album titled Wilder Minds which is their first album since 2,012 which is when the whole band went on hiatus.  The normal sound for this band is a very folk sound with many string instruments like banjos, but Believe has a different kind of sound to it which I find more resembles OneRepublic.  For this song they have subtracted many of the sounds that we know best from this band and have changed up their whole style adding in an electric guitar and a keyboard.  This song, though different, truly is very good as the vocals and keyboard are the focus and Marcus Mumford showcases his voice brilliantly creating a song which i'm sure we will be hearing for many weeks to come.

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