Monday, March 23, 2015

A Mind Blowing Thought by Mason Chapman

Our brains are very powerful. We have the most powerful brains out of any creature on the planet. They are so powerful that sometimes when we dream, we thin we are actually in real life.

Well what if real life isn't real life. What if your real life is actually just the thoughts of you in a coma in a hospital bed in some other reality that you are not even aware of because you think you are actually living. All of the things that happen to you in this life that you think you are living are actually just thoughts that your brain is creating in its coma state to try to compensate for you being in a coma. What if all of the supernatural occurrences that we see happen in real life or on tv is actually someone getting through to us while we are in the coma. Maybe they are talking to us while we sleep in the hospital bed and this is influencing the "dream" that we call real life. Well one might say that this theory is stupid because people go into comas in this "dream" so that means that there is no way we could be in a coma in this alternate reality thing. Well yes people do go into comas, but what if they are just descending to another level of an alternate reality and we are influencing that reality by talking to them. One might then ask what dying means in this "dream" thing we call real life. Well that is simple. Dying is like taking the red pill in the Matrix. You ascend to the other reality waking up from your coma to live the life that you were meant to live. Unless the reality that you died in was the third level. If you die in the third level you go up to the second level. The problem is, there is no way of knowing what level you are actually on.

*I actually do believe that we are living our actual lives I just thought this was an interesting thought.

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