Monday, March 23, 2015

Why Vine is The Best Social Media by Mason Chapman

Vine is an interesting idea for social media. For those that do not know, Vine is a social media app that people post 6 second videos to. Getting your point across in a 6 second video seems like a really hard thing to do. This makes people who Vine actually kind of talented. Some Viners make a video every day. To come up with a new idea everyday for a new Vine is actually really amazing.

Vine does something amazing to our culture as well. Because the videos are so short, people have the ability to watch a lot of them very quickly. This means that pretty much everyone who goes on Vine, which is a lot, has seen the same vines. If one person thinks a vine is funny then undoubtedly someone else will think it is funny. When this chain reaction happens enough, a vine trend happens.

Vine trends can be really stupid but they bring us all together a little bit and help us relate to one another. For instance one vine that went viral was this little kid saying the word twenty-one in a really weird way. Once enough people had seen it and thinking it was funny, people started making parodies off of this video. Then everyone started seeing these parodies and started saying the word twenty-one in a whole new way. If you go around a teenager now and say twenty-one there is a good chance they will look at you and say twenty-one how that kid says it.

Vine helps people bond together. If you are in a group of people a vine that someone has seen will usually come up. If the rest of the group has seen it, then they will all start talking about it and quoting it. Then they will start talking about more vines and bonding together.

Some people may see vine as dumb. However I see vine as an incredible social resource that helps people bond together and one that has shaped modern culture.

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