Thursday, March 12, 2015

Timeless Art By Hannah Haley

    One thread of fabric. One strand of imagination. One idea. Its marvelous, passionate, and daring. It baffles critics and allures aficionados.While a storm of madness swirls behind the scenes, the finishing touch is awe inspiring. It is altogether timeless.
      Clothes has been with man since the great fall. But how you wear the clothing is crucial. Fashion, one might say, is a walking land of turmoil, but it really just depends on the current trends. For say, a classic item of fashion will always be the black leather jacket. That's a trend that will never die out as fashion progresses. 
       Blouses, jackets, jeans, skirts, dresses, scarves, the list goes on! Fashion is truly endless. However, with its never ending runaway, a lot of flaws and mistakes can and will be made. With that said, it's best bet to avoid those flaws. But how? For starters, never ever wear boots in the summer. It's not cold and nor is it winter. Do not, under any circumstances, wear boots in the summer. Another issues is "short shorts." Goodness, how is letting your butt show anywhere near classy or even fashionable? Yet, that is a terrible trend right now and a lot of girls are making that mistake. They'll regret it when they're forty, I'm sure. Another horrible trend is yoga pants. Makes one want to almost choke at the sight of them. If you don't do yoga, don't wear yoga pants. They're not even pants, but considered otherwise. 
     Furthermore, trends can be a good or bad thing, but it is up to you to decide if that trend is for you. We all have different personalities and style. While one might think red and orange blend together, another won't (seriously though, red and orange do not mix. It's a fashion crime to do such a thing). But if you could rock what you wear and love it, go for it. Just always consider this in mind when you put together an outfit: is it me? Is it my style? Does it blend well? Never forget those thoughts as you put together a piece of art. 
     Lastly, fashion is a force to be reckoned with. Flaws are normal so keeping on walking on your runway. Never let your mistakes haunt you by repeating history (though some trends would be nice to come back). Go out into the world with class and enjoy the compliments about your fashion you receive. After all, you are a unique individual who allows your clothes to reflect no one other than yourself. 

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