Tuesday, March 10, 2015

To Save A Life By Hannah Haley

Saving someone's life doesn't necessarily mean saving them from car accidents, drowning, or suicide. Stopping them with a single touch, gesture, or even your voice. But what if you weren't physically there to prevent a tragic death from happening? What if this life you were trying to save was on the other side of the world, starving. 

Every three seconds, someone dies of hunger, adding up to about 21,00 people dying a day. Sadly, most of those who fall victim to hunger are children. Imagine that you knew one of those children. Your heart breaks in anguish and you become determined to stop them from dying. While there is nothing you can do to stop a death from happening, there is something you can do to prevent more deaths.
Hunger is a term which has three definitions: 
1. The uneasy or painful sensation caused by want of food; craving appetite. Also the exhausted condition caused by want of food. 
2. The the want or scarcity of food in a country.
3. a strong desire or craving. In the Third World, hunger is a common problem and, in fact, it has become life for most of the people.

The Third World deals with great hunger. The cause of hunger is linked to poverty, creating more than just an hunger issue. Specifically in Africa, there are over 8.4 million people in need of food, but are unable to get any because the great poverty. Because of the hunger, the expected lifespan is thirty-six years. Often times, this leaves children alone to fend for themselves because their parents had just died. All too soon, the child follows down the same path of its parents because there was no substantial food to keep the child survive. 
However, there is enough food on Earth to feed everyone a 3,600 calorie diet everyday. Enough substantial food to give someone a life. We have the power to help provide food to those who suffer from hunger and the diseases that follow with hunger. The future could be a bright, beautiful place if we all just had to courage to save others. We believe in a better tomorrow than a yesterday, therefore, make it possible by the longing of desire to save a life. 
Thus, fight for a better tomorrow. Fight for the lives of others. Fight for a world where hunger isn't a problem. 

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