Thursday, March 12, 2015

                                     Picturing Beauty ~ By Cara Haley

       Life imitates art. Everything has a design. Nothing fails to have once obtain a structure of uniqueness. Somethings are overly used and copied, but there are a few that develop from something entirely brand new. And these things are truly amazing. What quite a few forget to see is that something  materialistic can be considered a form of ingenuity.  The world of fashion is an art itself.  Don't believe me? The industry is more than the models seen on top. There is an entire populated  crew supporting one piece. Dedication and dreams are carefully sewn into it. But even before that, it all simply starts with a thought. Yes, one simple thought connects are visual picture in an idealist's mind. All things start with a blank canvass. With this, the designer earns the title of an artist that achieves the greatness of creating a masterpiece.  Here are some exquisite designs that lived so much further than some crummy blank page. 

"Time to Blossom" by Jessica Durrant
Time to Blossom 
 ( Unknown at the moment) 
"She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head And whispered to her neighbors:"Winter is dead."
"Sasha Pivovarova" by Cedric Rivrain 
  "Alessandra Ambrosia" by Shamek Bluwi
 Dazzling Jewel

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