Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three Hilarious Books To Read over Spring Break-By Sydney Quanz

      It's no secret that nothing kills the desire to read quicker than the slow, depressing pressure of schoolwork. Luckily, Spring break is right around the corner, and that seven day gap of schools bliss leaves room for precious reading time. For the student who are hoping for the perfect book to read this  March, I have compiled a list of the funniest, most laugh inducing book's to provide some stress free reading during break!

1. The Princess Bride
The Princess Bride is the ultimate book, in my opinion. It has a princess, pirates, an evil king, giants and Spaniard all in one book.  Many people have seen the movie, which is also quite excellent, but there is a certain charm in the novel that the screen just could not capture. The Princess Bride is the story of one of the most beautiful women in the world, Buttercup, who finds love in the last place she suspected.  The best part of the book, however, is the author’s commentary. William Goldman takes on a character in his own book, the story of an author who desperately want to make a connection with his son He does so by bringing out the book his father used to read him, but soon discovers that his father left out most of the book’s boring parts. The Princess Bride is therefore, the “abridged version” of the original, and is littered with the hilarious commentary of Goldman as he leaves out the more ridiculous passages of the story.

2. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is also known more commonly for its movie than for the hilarious literary feat accomplished by Douglas Adam’s. This follows the story of Arthur, a common earthling who is dealing with his earthling problems, when his new friend, Ford Prefect, sweeps him up into an intergalactic journey. As they travel across the galaxy they meet new alien friends, including a two-headed President, a depressed robot and a runaway earthling. The Heart of Gold, their ship, travels in a way that causes the most improbable things to happen to our travelers, which cause us to discover some alarming truths about the universe, and stumble across some incredibly random occurrences. What makes this book so charming is that it is incredibly bizarre in every way imaginable, often causing the reader to reread the same paragraph several times over to confirm that a sperm whale did indeed just pop into existence in the middle of space and yes, dolphins are equally as intelligent as humans. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is filled to the brim with British wit and startling plot points that will keep anyone occupied.

3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Rick Riordan is not my favorite author, but his first series is golden. It is filled with unexpected twisted and loveable characters. However, my favorite part of his series is the hilarity that comes from his excellent phrasing and unexpected circumstance. His novels don’t take themselves too seriously, but instead put age-old monsters and myths into modern day times, displaying for the reader situations like the fates trying to drive a taxi, and three demi-gods making friends with a hell-hound. For those who haven't already enjoyed this journey, this series is a must read.

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