Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Book That Stole My Heart by Cara Haley

      For me, I will always admire a good book with a strong storyline, dynamic characters that has a meaningful relationship amongst each other, and of course, a logical adventure that thrives towards significance. So when I read The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak, I was easily able to grasp unto the storyline with attentiveness. It starts off in the gloomy time period of World War II in Germany where the Nazis reigned in terror and the end was everywhere. Hope was robbed and many starved for some actual salvation. Life was hard, but not nearly as hard as some had to endure. Death itself was the narrator during this colorless rubble. So many predictions, so many dead, and yet, somehow everything was good for a moment, but was hindered in awfulness for the next. However, one young girl after her miserable loss, found a new beginning.
   She was innocent, yet was slaved in suffering, growing Liesel Meminger was fostered in the home of the Hubermann's after she witnessed her brother's death and mother's carelessness. Her foster father, who served more like a true father, Hans Hubermann, was a man of guidance and morals. He appreciated fairness and that was what separated him from the others who followed heedlessly around him. His reminder of a savior stayed with him and influenced his foster daughter's future forever. Actions can lead stronger than flat empty words could ever. But wise words are as powerful as war itself. With that influential, but deadly material, a learning mind sought out for more expertise. This was the beginning of a leading story.
    Liesel Meminger was a girl with a mountain to climb. When she discovered, actually more like resurrected, her love for books, she sought out to learn these confusing unknown words. With her desire for meaning and escape, she allowed some simple penned letters to fulfill her world. And that world grew in wonder with the tremendous help of her father. Never greedy when she was seeking this knowledge that books gave her, Liesel shared her stolen words with others when only crowded isolation blinded everyone together. But oh, she did steal several things from the destructive flames of deception. Passionately driven, her zest could not simply be tamed. Her love for books is what brought even more understanding between her and the earnest reader. She held unto the world that saved her from drowning in those nightmarish memories and she was unable to let it go. Why abandon your salvation that not only holds you, but your memories as well? With bravery, she fought for what she loved and what she loved was more than she was herself.
    This story captures a youthful desirous heart that is led throughout heaps of difficulties. And while everything was bound to fall, she held on. She learns to love what she loses and was left behind with only the memories of unsaid faded goodbyes. This tale is an enjoyment and will bring a questioning fate upon you. The demand for the "lovely ugly words" gave power to those  who knew how to speak persuasively. It showed the historical swelling of the world in selfishness and the blame it brought on the rest of us. And how it all ended with rumbles where even death was overwhelmed with the scattered emptiness. Left alone, death didn't do the only stealing...We weren't born with the immediate desire to take, but we do have a deep intimate passion that burns inside of us. And that can and will drive a person to extent. What are we willing to give up to keep a secret? What will we leave behind in order to obtain that little piece of happiness? "Can a person steal happiness? Or is it just another internal, infernal human trick?" But it is wonderful truly when you open a book and a new adventure sprouts out all around you. It takes a certain degree of sacrifice to leave behind those things that you preciously love. The whole world saw the realization of an innocent child with a passion  and that left wondering in many of our hearts. What would you do to help another? Would you listen to those deception of lies raised above you or will you risk everything for a burning ending?

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