Monday, March 10, 2014

Why Disney original shows are Bad Examples for Children to Follow
By Amy Yarbrough

Most kids start watching Disney because there is nothing else to watch. But the examples that these show set are not good. And you see the same examples in every show.

      The main character (usually starting as a child) always disobeys the parent, and  rarely gets in trouble. And when they do get in trouble, the parent is portrayed as the bad guy. They're always being "unfair" for not letting their kid go to a movie, or a party, or some other stupid thing. So, as usual, the child sneaks out and disobeys their parent. They of course always get caught some how, but the parent is almost always seen to have some fault in why their child disobeyed in the first place. It always results in some sappy talk about feelings, and a mutual agreement between the child and parent. That's very sweet and all, but I know that if I blatantly disobeyed my parents, I'd get a major butt-kicking and I would be the only one to blame!


      Of course, the  show also makes it easier for the child to disrespect the parent by making every adult in the show an idiot. It may make for good comedy, but it does make all adults seem as if they were irresponsible buffoons.


      Of course in real life there is always sibling rivalry, and some of it might be brought on by the fact that almost every character treats their sibling like dirt. I don't have a perfect relationship with my sibling, I don't even think such a thing exists! All siblings fight to a certain degree; it's unavoidable. But sometimes instead of just silly pointless bantering, a character will do or say something that could actually be hurtful to the sibling. No child should be taught that that's ok. Siblings can be infuriating, but that is no reason for treating them badly. Children are also taught that it's funny to be mean and have an attitude. The main character always has an attitude and is a smart-mouth. But what they need to realize, is that in real life there's no invisible audience to laugh at whatever stupid thing they said. Even if it was just joking, someone could really take offense to it.


      Another thing children are taught to do is "follow your heart". Sure, it sounds dreamy and all that, but in reality your heart is just an organ that pumps blood through your body. It can't make choices; it can't tell you what's right and wrong, and it can't give you advice. Children need to be taught that life isn't always fair. Not everything works out how you want it. Most of the time, you need to think practically, and work hard. What seems like a better life choice, becoming a pop sensation? Or going to a good college that will allow you to get a stable job, a house, and eventually a family? But sometimes things do work out like that. Everyone on the Tween Shows seems to be in show business. Sometimes people do get to live their dreams. But not always.


      Not every child uses these examples. Watching Disney doesn't automatically make children brats. Disney could be ten times worse, and children watching it could still turn out to be nice people. It just depends on how they handle the influences given to them.

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