Friday, March 21, 2014

What is a "thigh gap"? by Amy Yarbrough

What is a “thigh gap”? 
by Amy Yarbrough

Nowadays everyone is told what is pretty, what is acceptable, and what is “hot”. And we just sit back and let society decide for us! The funny thing is, it’s been going on for years. If you look back to the 70’s, the 50’s, heck, even the 1800’s, there are always standards of what is considered “right”. And now, we have society telling women that we’re fat if we don’t have this thing called a “thigh gap”. Quite frankly, I don’t understand it! So apparently when you put your knees together, if there is a gap in between your thighs you’re considered attractive. But God forbid your legs have meat on them and slightly touch, because that means you’re “fat”. That’s basically what they’re telling us! A little problem with that statement, is that for some people, it’s not physically possible! Some girls do have thigh gaps, but that’s because they’re built differently. So I guess it’s good to look malnourished now! What’s weird is that way back in the Medieval Era, women were suppose to be big. A hefty woman was more likely to get married than a super skinny woman. In the later nineteen hundreds, a heftier woman was considered more attractive as well. And now all of a sudden, BAM, we’re all suppose to look like chickens!  If you go online and find various work out plans or diets, a majority of them are made to get the thigh gap. It also seems like it might be kind of hard to shop for pants if you have one. Just saying. I think the worst part of it all is that some girls actually believe that they’re fat! Everywhere on the internet, you see pictures; videos; etc of girls doing random stuff. And on every one of those pictures or videos, if the girl is even slightly curvy, there is always some jackwagon who tells her she should go on a diet or something. When did guys start liking toothpicks? Although, in the Victorian Era, women were suppose to be insanely skinny. In order to make women look this skinny, they had corsets. How did corsets make them skinny? IT WAS SO TIGHT THAT IT MOVED THEIR ORGANS. For generations, people have been doing everything they could to fit in to what society says is okay. And it keeps getting more and more idiotic! Don’t let society tell you what to think! Especially if it means putting someone else down.

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