Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Sight of the Blind by Cara Haley

     We all know the inspirational story of Helen Keller. She created a new meaning to life, one which she longed for others to share. Other than becoming a world famous writer and spokeswoman, Helen Keller accomplished many extraordinary additional aspects in her life, especially the fact of living a captivating one. She left behind a legacy, many foundations for others that had the same difficulties like her, and mostly, a dream for the future. Mrs. Keller spoke up for what she believed in and wasn't afraid to oppose others for what she thought was right. Her courage is admired and she earned praise for all of her accomplishments. Helen Keller was countless of things, including an author, political activist and speaker, but her story alone imbued life in many of ways. Never allowing her disabilities, deafness and blindness, block her from learning and seeking better ways to overcome all of the world's struggles, Mrs. Heller pulled through with a survivor's heart. That type of daring determination takes strength and Helen Keller knew several things about strength.
    Helen Keller became the first deaf-blind individual to earn a bachelor of arts degree. Although she never regained her stolen senses, Helen would not allow that to rob her goals of an exceeding life of excellence for herself and others. She learned and fought for more. Never doubting her ability, she was able to move throughout life with more capability than imagined and definitely much more than the average individual. But she wasn't left alone to walk through this journey. No, she had faithful encouragement from those who believed in her to achieve including Sarah Fuller, Mark Twain, Wilhelm Jerusalem, Polly Thomson, and of course, Anne Sullivan. The autobiography of hers, The Story of My Life, surely showed the conflict and rising triumph that she lived through. When there was little to no faith in her, Anne Sullivan came along when Helen was six years old and taught her. Helen's mind blossomed with the guidance of Mrs. Sullivan and their relationship bonded them through the rest of life's obstructive battles. With that, many was moved by this spiritual journey and hope blossomed in our hearts as well. Helen's autobiography purposed the play, The Miracle Worker  by William Gibson. It portrayed Helen's early life and keyed in on some of the main turnarounds that influenced so much more. All of the audience felt a new spirit championing and this simple act was another way of showing the world Helen Keller and her fulfilling hope she had within her.
    Helen Keller is remembered as an advocate for people with infirmity and she was proud to earn that position. She held on to the thought of improvement and how we all can move on after suffering. Her words that will always be a reassurance is,"Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it." Life will have its own downing, but it is up to us to rise above it all. We all have the power to do so, we only need to grasp unto it. Her personal essay, Three Days to See, was what truly gave us an insight of her wishes. But more importantly, it was the realization of our own gifts that we so often take for advantage that Helen impacted us deeply with. It broadens the point  on we all have something that someone else longs for. This brought us emotionally through the world that Helen experienced. All because she was blind doesn't mean she couldn't see life clearly. Words of hers that brought me to humility was " The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or ever touched-they must be felt by the heart." I think that Helen Keller saw life more than the rest of us and she gladly appreciated it, even when  all became despair. Although she was first lost, she was at last able to grab a purpose and achieve what she never at first dreamed of. That surprise  in her is what lead me to believe in myself, no matter the obstacles set up in life. So I thank Helen Keller for  her inspiration she had on me and I hope that you are able to experience something new by simply reading her wise words.

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