Friday, March 7, 2014

Four types of people you see on Tumblr  by Amy Yarbrough


            When one goes on the popular website Tumblr, one would notice that there are some…interesting people on there, but not necessarily in a bad way. The strange thing is that there is more than one type of these interesting folk. There is:


#1 The Fangirl/boy.

            Probably the most common on Tumblr. They seem to have a knack for coming up with fascinating terms…(Warning: if you come across a fangirl having “FEELSSS”, run away! Don’t question it! Just. Run.) There are other types of fangirls/boys though. There’s the gif maker, the artist, and the quiet, seemingly “normal” blogger. The gif makers are behind all of moving pictures that take forever to load on your computer. It seems that they make gifs of everything. That guy sneezed? GIF! That girl blinked? GIF! These are very gifted people… The artists either draw funny comics that make you giggle, or they are amazingly talented artists that waste their talent on pictures of, um…er…stuff that makes some people uncomfortable… 
And then there’s the seemingly normal person who never posts anything but follows the funny people anyway. I don’t have much to say about them because they don’t, you know, POST anything… 
 But what this section of Tumblr lacks in proper grammar, they make up for in charm and hilarity. They are very enjoyable to read. They can often be found highjacking hipster posts with fandom references. 

That brings us to:

#2 The Hipsters.

            The hipsters of Tumblr have something that we don’t have, and should really strive for: Somewhat inspirational quotes next to a picture of someone staring at nothing! Seriously, does anyone actually know where those quotes come from? There's never actually a name next to the quote! So they’re either just made up on the spot by said hipster, or the quotes are just so underground that even the hipsters don’t know who they’re quoting. In case you haven’t noticed, being a hipster is very “in” right now. They are often seen drinking coffee, and doing hipster things on their Mac computers…There have been so many hipsters nowadays that if you actually like something unusual, other people will accuse you of being a hipster! And there are so many of them, that it’s probably more unusual to NOT be a hipster. 

 Next are:

#3 The Artists.

            These artists aren’t the ones mentioned before. These artists draw seemingly normal stuff… Except the seemingly normal stuff is drawn so that it looks beautiful and makes your drawings look like dirt! They can make anything look amazing! But not all the artists are great! Some of them draw stuff so bad it makes you cringe…But you’re still jealous because even then, they draw better than you! 

Speaking of. Here is our last Tumblr user:

#4 You.

            Obviously you are either intrigued, obsessed with, or mildly entertained by Tumblr if you are reading this. You might be a Fangirl/boy, or a hipster, or an artist. Or perhaps you are one of the Tumblr types I didn’t mention. There are so many dark corners of Tumblr, that I just didn’t see the point in attempting to list them all. Either way, something would have gotten left out! Tumblr is a big website, and not everyone is the same. These are only my opinions on a website I don’t know very much about, so I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Please do not take offense to this, because it would not be worth it.

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