Saturday, May 4, 2013

What I Do In My Spare Time by Emily Cote

So...just this past year, I've become...I guess you could say...a little bit of a Youtube watcher. Most of you probably don't know that about me, because it's not something I advertise, but it's something I enjoy doing in my spare time. Instead of watching tv, I keep up with their new videos. And JacksGap was the first channel I started watching last fall. There are quite a few different channels I watch but they're my favorite. They're pretty great and let's just face it...adorable. I don't care what logic you drag it through, they're adorable and they have British accents. Let that sink in.
Anyway, last Monday they posted a new video and I thought it was super fun and now I want to turn my bedroom into a ball pit. Take a look and enjoy.

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