Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SAC Day Incognito Expands to Include HAAC Day

The SAC Day student-run newspaper, the Incognito, will expand to include news and information about HAAC Day as well as SAC Day, beginning with the March edition. The March edition will go on sale at SAC Day on March 24, and at HAAC Day on March 26. The traditional, World-Famous (or not) April Fool's edition will follow shortly thereafter, on March 31 and on April 2, respectively. Each paper is $.25.

The SAC Day Journalism class, which also produces the HCCH yearbook each year, has been publishing the SAC Day Incognito for the past nine years. This year's editor-in-chief is Senior Mikayla Halsell. Other staff members include Cara Haley, Sydney Quanz, Timothy Warren, and Amy Yarbrough.

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