Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Latest "Save the Children Charity" Video Showed a Relative Truth by Cara Haley


       The Save the Children Charity published a video earlier this year, the Most Shocking Second a Day Video, that sent a strong message out to its viewers. It openly indicated the struggles of a child at war, which is happening at this very moment in the Middle East, on a child of our upper class. Privileges were stripped and it shockingly showed us our reaction to this event. The message behind this corruption was that "Just because it isn't happening here doesn't mean it isn't happening." Our problems are critical and we are divided, but imagine living in war where there is hardly any food or water and no comfort whatsoever. Many of us haven't lived through the struggles of war. Far less, we fail to realize the serious dangers it carries. Everyday, the death causality increases, while hope for peace decreases. War that last for several years have only grown more hostile such as the civil war that has taken place in Syria.
      The Syrian Civil War is an armed conflict in Syria between rising forces that are acceding for control. While Syria's government is in a raging war, the civilians, who are mostly defenseless, are fighting for survival out of fear. The estimation of deaths for this war that was reported last  year, which includes  a large amount of commoners, was ranged anywhere from 99,600 to 140,040. The United Nations Children's Fund reported that over 500 young children have been killed by early February in 2012 when the controversy was just arising. Another 400 was arrested and tortured in Syrian prisons. One other divulgence is that 75% of wars since 2001 have used child soldiers. The innocence of children is ruined in this belligerent climate and the death rates are rising year by year. In mid June last year, 6,561 children were killed in conflict and over 5,064 women were also murdered in this brutal struggle Syria is undertaking. By late November, the number of children's death rose to 11,420 while a myriad of others were victims of physical violence, sexual abuse, torture inflictions, and had to intake the exposure of their love one's oppressed suffering.
        People do and are still suffering in this war. Children lose any imagination for the future in this dreadful gloom. The prize of salvation seems lost to many.  The death rate in the Syrian Civil War is spiraling out of control. Real civilians death do occur, for there is hardly any protection given to those innocent lives in amidst of this war. The Save the Children Charity's propaganda uses emotion to stir a point inside of us, but it was an appropriate one. For many of us came across the realization of our stability and relative prosperity we have. All because we never struggle with hunger and seek survival doesn't mean others are as fortunate. There are more problems than we can see in life. And to witness such an alarming message should motivate us to take action and thrive for a change.  

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