Saturday, March 15, 2014

Flipped Storylines by Sydney Quanz

I often get extremely tired of classic, overused story lines. Time and time again the same plot is used in the same genre with only one thing slightly changed. It gets annoying to go to the theatre expecting something original and finding something that you have already a seen countless times before. However, some of the most classic story lines are much more original, and much more amusing when they are changed to be the opposite of what they are. The results are Immensely entertaining.

Communism Games
A girl living in a Democratic nation seeks to end the individualism and bring conformity and fear to the people. Armed only with her wit and her two female sidekicks, whom she does not have a love triangle with, she must destroy the leaders of the government to make way for communist rule. She is cold and heartless and seeks only to bring justice to her far too relaxed society. At the end, she finally achieves her goal, and can retire alone, where she is haunted by the horror of living under a democratic goverment.

The Not-book
A classic tale where a poor girl meets a rich boy and they have a passionate summer fling, until they are pulled apart by his disapproving parents. She writes him a letter every day for a year, he responds to them, it's romantic. She gets engaged to a attractive soldier and goes to see her love one last time. When they talk, they realize that they have nothing in common and don't even like each other that much. She marries the soldier and they don't grow old together and die. The boy marries Emma Stone, because Emma Stone makes every story better.

Lost my Identity
An action hero wakes up from a coma to discover that he lost his special set of skills. He must now learn to do normal things, like make a pot of coffee, put on pants and make girls fall in love with him without impressing them with a bunch of stunt work. Throughout the story, he begins to forget his past life as an assassin until he remembers nothing, retreating into life of exceptional, but peaceful boredom.

A parked bus is armed with a bomb that will explode if it accelerates over 50 miles per hour. Keanu Reeves fixes the problem by putting a sign on the window that says, "Bomb on Bus. Do not drive".

A boy from a small town moves to Boston where everyone dances all the time, leading to destructive behavior and promiscuous activities. Together, he, a daredevil city boy and a shy, modest preacher's daughter create a petition and make dancing illegal.

Avatar: The Lone Star State
An alien comes to Texas to steal our supply of oil. To try and make a diplomatic solution, they dress up in avatars to make them look like humans and try to convince Texans to leave before anyone gets hurt. The main alien falls in love with Rick Perry's daughter and learns to respect Texans, and even gets his own set of Cowboy Boots. However, diplomacy fails when the Aliens ask them to surrender their oil and the humans insist that they "Come and take it". The aliens blow-up the Lone Star State. Later, they are destroyed by the surviving Texans who charge at them on horses with lassos and somehow still beat the much more advanced Alien technology.

Iron Man
The plot of Iron Man 3.

Harry Potter: the Boy Who was Normal
His whole life, Harry thought he was a special wizard who defeated the Dark Lord when he was a baby, but it was all a lie. A large hairy man comes to him and tells him, "You're a Muggle Harry." Harry then embarks on a journey to get used to life where he is not the chosen one, attending public High school and being ignored for the rest of his life until he ends up living in a cupboard under some strangers' stairs.

A girl embarks on a journey to find herself, only to find that being yourself is overrated.

The Avengers
A group of shy, insecure superheroes must work together to defeat a world ending catastrophe. The characters include Tin Man, Captain Canada, The Green Giant, Thor the god of Rain, Agent Coleslaw, Nick Happy and Spiderman. They spend the movie trying not to step on each others toes, insisting that they are the worst of the group and politely taking turns on who gets to fight Low-Key the chill god of Mischief. They step up their game when Agent Coleslaw is viciously stabbed, and Low-Key is escorted back over the rainbow bridge leaving earth safe, except for the Super humans who are now so egotistical that they demand that they each get their own movie.

Empiral Peace
A young boy (with two living parents) becomes the general of the Imperial Fleet, and upon discovering a rebel movement, must crush all attempts to overthrow the empire by attacking frost-bitten planets like Hoth and defending the wooded moon of Endor. He kills the chosen one, The rebels die, the Empire lives on.

Comment with your favorite flipped storyline or write one of your own!

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