Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Why Music in the 80's are Classic Hits by Cara Haley

           Ahh, the legendary Eighties. It was the time when guitar solos reigned, the fashion was bizarre, but amazing with the variety of vests, and there was rebel ruling the world such as Billy Idol. Compared to nowadays, music back in the eighties is still highly admired and seems unforgettable. The sound lives on and leaves you wondering why aren't you at a real rock concert. That sound does truly capture the key of music, for it was played from real instruments and left from another dedicated heart. What is lacked in today's music is the love for music, but instead, there is the greedy goal of earning titles. So many artists are out there these days for fame and fortune. I am not saying that there was no pride or lust for wealth  back then, but many successful artists wrote their own songs and performed for the love of song. Even some side songs that were just  written as poetry such "We Will Rock You" by Queen or "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson hit the right key in rhythm. One-hit-wonders like the "Eye of the Tiger" and "Ice Ice Baby" aren't so easily forgotten as well and are actually still played throughout the years with prosperity. Others who really rocked in this extravagant age, creating historical stories which music these days use as examples, have truly earned their titles. Extraordinary leaders in this marvelous sound of music such as the well known Queen, Journey, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, Def Leppard, and Huey Lewis and the News leave behind a wondrous tale. Their carefully constructed music brings out a wild whimsical character of that age, truly expressing the undying heart of rock and roll.
     The songs written in this period expressed stories, and by simply listening to it, you are able to hear the profound emotion in it. There was more purpose to music then. Struggles, failings, and love aches were deeply shown through simple words and the audience felt the living moment. These famous artists weren't just performers, they were composers. They poured out their faults and lives into their music. Using the instruments, they found a perfect sound that did completely capture the message behind it all. Their goals weren't only to earn riches, but to connect with the audience. Being relatable is what brought those high struck stars into the common individual's world. To have such passion show is astounding. And I think it is passion so many young artists lack in today's industry. What makes a legend is the sacrifice to give up you own heart and soul in a dedicating action. To write about what makes you life move is what moved this great era in the eighties to such remembrance.

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