Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Inspiration of a Humble Heart by Cara Haley

             There are many great empowering individuals who thrive for a change and create a revival for the future. Their legacy lives on for years and years to come. Many have made a deep affect in history, such as Martin Luther King Jr, Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Teresa. I am personally, as a young woman, imbued by Mother Teresa and her ongoing caring characteristic. She lived an exceedingly humble life, one which she fully devoted to the better of others. She spread love where there have been little shown. Claiming a goal, she went all over the world, proving with humility that there was still some good in humanity. Living with love, she displayed a certain bright light we all have in us. Seeking first salvation, Mother Teresa saw the importance in life. In her book, Total Surrender, she spoke of the calling of the future and the power of the present, as well as our presence itself. When we lack confidence in ourselves, our presence loses its power. Mother Teresa believed that everyone has a certain ability; all we need is to embrace it. Once we accept who we are, we can then lead others with a compatible assurance.
           What I admire most about Mother Teresa is that she found joy in the simplest things of life. When she gave up certain pleasures in life to instead live like an orphan, joy remained in her heart. Seeing joy in every little detail in life, she truly lived. The words of hers that remain with me the most is: "Joy is love, the normal result of a heart burning with love." Love was what she looked for when things were failing hopelessly. Never doubting, she stayed firm in her beliefs, finding lasting peace that settled in her heart. Like all humans, she had her own thoughtful opinions, and in her works, they were expressed with an amendable acceptance. I truly find pleasure inside when I read about how she opened her heart up to everyone, no matter the culture separation. She loved others, no matter the divining differences. I look up to that type of courage, for it takes a certain degree of strength to love another. She loved like she always been loved. Mother Teresa encourages us all to allow love to not  only be the flame in our hearts, but to be the fire that consumes the selfishness that lies there. Imagine if we took Mother's Teresa's example and loved without one narcissistic cause.  I believe with that bountiful love, one with no boundaries, the world will be changed once more for the better. With a refreshed heart, one with humility and much compassion, we truly can live life with a new beginning.

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