Friday, April 5, 2013

Worst 90's Pictures of Celebs by Mikayla Halsell

       The 90's was the decade of my childhood and one of my favorites as well. But unfortunately the 90's wasn't all that grand for these celebrities. Though I love a lot of them *cough* Justin Timberlake *cough*, these pictures are simply horrific and should, in all honestly, stay in the 90's. Thankfully for these celebs though, most have outgrown their outrageous styles.

*the pictures are in no particular order*

1. Brad Pitt. That blank stare is mesmerizing..

2. Celine Dion on her way home from a long day's work at Target. 

3. Daniel Craig and his best Braveheart impression

4. George Clooney and his denim obsessions.. 

5. Gwen Stephanie gettin' her ghetto on.

6. Jessica Simpson in an insane asylum

7. Joesph Gordon-Levitt rocking those braided pig-tails and striped shirt made from a couch. 

8.  Keanu Reeves. I just don't even know.. 

9. Natalie Portman gettin' cray with those pig-tails and pajama-looking outfit

10. Neil Patrick Harris just won first place in a mullet competition. 

11. N'SYNC looking FAB-U-LOUS in those rad shirts.

12. Robert Downey Jr. trending in the 23th Century. 

13. Whoop Goldberg in her costume for Wizard of Oz.

14. Will Smith buzzin' like a bee. 

And now...the crown jewel of them all.........

15. Justin Timberlake being amazing. 

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