Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Disney's Forthcoming Animated Feature: "Frozen"

Walt Disney Pictures will release their 52nd feature-length animated film this November, entitled Frozen. Those who pay attention to this sort of thing will know that this project has been in development since early 2006, back when it was called The Snow Queen, a title it shares with the Hans Christian Anderson story upon which it’s ostensibly based. It suffered from lots of production problems and significant amounts of re-tooling, as well as taking a backseat to Tangled for a time, but now we’re finally getting it.
What we know about the film is that it’s centered around Anna and Elsa, sisters voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, respectively (the two provide singing talents as well). Disney hasn’t released a trailer, but from the brief official synopsis as well as leaked information and concept art, it seems that Elsa can secretly control ice, making her the subject a prophecy that one who can do just that will bring eternal winter on the kingdom. Elsa flees when her secret is discovered during some sort of coronation (Anna and Elsa are princesses) and builds an ice castle for herself, complete with snowman guards. Anna strikes out to find her, helped along the way by mountain man Kristoff, voiced by Jonatahn Groff.
The film is directed by Chris Black and Jennifer Lee, and will have original songs composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, along with her husband Robert Lopez, half of the Tony-award winning team behind the musical Avenue Q. Part of one of the songs, Elsa’s lamentatious “Let it Go” has been leaked, and can be heard performed by a member of the podcast and YouTube team, The Rotoscopers. (They discuss and speculate on the film in-depth for like fifteen minutes in the link below.)
All considered, it looks like an awesome movie, so buy you’re tickets once they’re available, and slap anyone who judges you for still wanting to go see animated Disney movies.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rAOLVkieEU&feature=fvwp

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