Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring is Upon Us by Emily Cote

       Well it's that time of year again. The craziness that makes your head spin, the last few days of being able to have your windows down in the car without getting heat stroke (if you live in Texas anyway) and of course, it's graduation time. All of these things will be here before you know it, so let me give you some helpful tips on how to survive.

1. Don't wait to buy a bathing suit until it's so hot you can't stand it and then you get invited to go to the lake with these super awesome people and you don't have anything to swim in besides your four year old "mom" bathing suit that you'd be completely mortified if anyone saw you in it.... Wow, that was a mouthful. Just....go buy a bathing suit.

2. I'm not sure what happens after graduation. If it's weird right away or if you get to next September and you feel strange that you're not going back to school, but I can tell you that I'm in the midst of graduation madness and you can't procrastinate. I don't care about the blog post I wrote a few weeks ago about Senioritis (it's still a real thing but don't let it consume you), there are deadlines to be met and you won't graduate if you don't meet them. So write things down. Make a check list. Get organized.

3. Wear sunscreen. Like all the time. If you're as white as me, then wear sunscreen all day, everyday. Otherwise you'll look like a lobster. Like all the time.

4. Make sure you buy enough graduation invites because if you don't there will always be that one person you didn't think of and the whole world will fall apart. Seriously.

5. If you're getting a summer job, make sure you start thinking about where you want to apply so you can beat the summer rush of eager high schoolers. Also if you'll need any time off during the summer for vacation or anything, think about it and speak up. Bosses don't like it if you don't let them know ahead of time.

6. Make time for friends and family in your spare time. It's easy to get caught up in your own schedule and forget about the awesome people in your life. They care about you and you shouldn't let graduation or a new job or anything else get in the way.

7. Is your air conditioning in your car working? Yeah...didn't think of that did you? You might want to do something about that before it gets so hot out that you can't breath and you feel like you'll melt right onto the sidewalk.

8. Last but not least...Make a summer/spring music playlist on your ipod, Spotify or whatever special music thinger you use. Music sets the mood for whatever you're going through so, pull out those songs that remind you of summer and road trips and the beach and put them together in one happy place and get stuff done! For this season, put away your depressing, angsty music that you listen to when you're trying to study for a test, or you just broke up with that one guy. Just do us all a favor and listen to some up beat music, you're almost done.

      I hope this was encouraging enough to get you motivated to get some things done this Spring! But don't forget to put your windows down and blast some music.

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