Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Painfully Awkward by Emily Cote

        We all have awkward photos that we've never shown anyone because we had that one year where we always wore ______ (fill in the blank), everyday. Or just an ugly stage. Let's face it, humans can be super awkward, it's painful, but so much so that someday you'll look back and you have to laugh because you think to yourself, "Why would I ever do that?" or "Why did I ever think it was okay to wear that?" So let's just take a minute to appreciate the awkwardness that are these photo's and be thankful our parents were so gracious not to put our embarrassing photo's on Facebook. Or really anywhere for that matter.

                  Matching poodle hair anyone? 

    This pose. Who in the world thought this was okay? I mean really?!

I'm not even sure what to say about this one. Is that a carousel horse?

Forget the person who's having a birthday, she really likes corn on the cob. Oh, Stephanie. 

Yep..take a minute......keep looking. Yeah, those are kittens. 

Okay one more...you're welcome.

       I hope this made you laugh today, and made you thankful for family. The only people that can make you wear hideous things and pose ridiculously for pictures, but you love them anyway. Remember, be careful what you do with your awkward photos because they could end up here! Have a fantastically awkward Tuesday everyone.  


  1. Love this! So funny - I got Cliff the Awkward Family Photos coffee table book last Father's Day - it was the perfect gift!

  2. The eighties hair in that last photo...my eyes! My eyes! ~Gertrude