Friday, March 29, 2013

There's Always That One Guy (Or Girl) by Robyn Scott

Has there ever been that television series, the one that you knew you could just watch over and over again? Well, I’ve been re-watching mine (for the third time) the past couple of weeks. Alias is the name, spies are the game. 

In this tale of CIA’s undercover agent, Sydney Bristow (played by the oh-so wonderful Jennifer Garner), her mission is to take down SD-6, a terrorist organization posing as a clandestine branch of the CIA. Like any good action-drama show, Bristow’s job on all her missions is to acquire the information needed, fool SD-6, and report back to the CIA. Her CIA handler, Michael Vaughn, is a dreamy late-twenties agent who is basically in charge of her.

As I’m watching this show, however, I’m noticing some things about agent Vaughn that I hadn’t noticed before - like how he is an awful actor. At first, when I started to realize this, I didn’t want to believe it. I first watched this show when I was around 13 years old, and Michael Vaughn was single-handedly the hunkiest TV character I had ever come across, so there are a lot of sentimental feelings tied in with him. But sure enough, after each episode I watch - this time around - I am steadily disappointed with his performance. What’s even more saddening is that he’s the only actor, that I’ve noticed thus far, who is substantially worse than all the rest. As I came to accept this however, I started to think of all the other great TV dramas that I have loved, yet who always had that one guy (or girl that just doesn’t quite live up to his/her fellow actors performances.

Characters such as:

Jack Shepherd - LOST

This plane-crash-heartthrob is a surgeon in the widely favored ABC drama, LOST. Dr. Shepherd is constantly reviving people, providing for the camp, and coming to the rescue of Kate, his love interest on the island. But come on Jack, you got the job so that you could prove to us ridiculously good-looking people can be spinal surgeons, wilderness savvy, and kind hearted leaders, but you didn’t exactly do a convincing job.

this guy,

Prince Charming - Once Upon A Time

Prince Charming indeed. In this ABC show about modern day fairytales, Prince Charming portrays the prince from the story of Snow White And The Seven Dwarves. However I think the roll of handsome do-gooder got to this guys head. It seems like he does minimal acting, and relies predominately on when he can make intense-eye-contact with Snow, to impress his viewers.

and another,

Karen Cartwright - SMASH

This girl makes me especially sad. Karen is an aspiring broadway actress in NBC’s SMASH. Karen has an absolutely gorgeous face and impeccable voice, but she just doesn’t quite deliver when it comes to her non-ballad filled scenes.

 and lastly, 

Michael Vaughn - Alias

Oh, Michael. As mentioned previously, Michael Vaughn plays CIA agent and spy-extraordinaire in ABC’s hit series, Alias. Vaughn is a clandestine agent, and is hopelessly in love with agent Bristow. His only job on the show is to love her and look cute, yet I’m finding that he still had a difficult time doing that. (I’m noticing a pattern with these ABC dramas..).

So I just thought I’d share my disappointments in TV dramas with everyone. I’m a little late with shows like LOST and Alias, but SMASH and Once Upon A Time are currently being aired, and I can’t help but hope those characters will step up. Maybe?

If you want to share other characters, from other shows, feel free to comment and let us know!

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