Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't Be An Herb, Be A Spice by Grace Barbettini

     Why not? I mean, think about it. At least in my opinion, birthdays are usually pretty awesome. Why can't we live every day like that?

     We often get stuck in this debilitating mindset that we can only have a good day if things go our way, something "special" happens to us, or if we're going on some crazy cool trip. Why do special occasions and holidays have to be the only time to have a good time? I read a neat quote the other day that went like this... "Life is too short to live the same day twice."

     So go on out there and do something different. Don't wait around for a holiday to try something new. Even if it's just an ordinary, boring old Monday, make a mental choice to have a good day. Act like today is your birthday, or maybe that you're going to meet your favorite celebrity that day. Go to the store and buy some exotic or random food, explore new places that you've never been to in your area, or just watch your favorite childhood movie. Like the quote said- life is too short to live the same day twice. Don't let your days blend into weeks of the same thing. I know we all have school, activities and work, but it's important to add a little spice to your days every once in awhile.  Even if it's a small amount of spice...a spice is still a spice. Don't live your life like the herb, mild and subtle. Take advice from the spice, and don't be an herb. Decide to do something new for a change, and go do it.

Choose to be a spice today.

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