Wednesday, March 27, 2013

90's and Early 2000's TV Shows and Why I Loved Them by Emily Cote

        If you were born in the 90's and had cable, you'll like this post. Bringing you back to the 90's and the early 2000's, and why we all loved these shows so much. Heartwarming, sincerely hilarious, sometimes educational and of course, you can't forget about the great style choices we all made back then. Here are a few of my favorites and why (in no particular order):

Even Stevens

        Ok, I know I just said "In no particular order" but, this show is probably ranked at #1 for me, because even back then, I loved physical comedy. Ranging from this, to The Three Stooges, physical comedy gets me every time. Me and my sisters religiously watched every episode that came out. Whether it's the incredibly unrealistic story lines, Louis and Twitty always trying to find the best way to become millionaires, trying to talk to their first "crushes" or their unhealthy love for bacon, you can't help but want to be their best friend. This show still makes me laugh every time I see it. Oh you can't forget about Beans! 

                          Pepper Ann
        "Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, she's too cool for 7th grade!" Yeah, 7th grade...I remember hearing that song and thinking, "Wow, I wish I was a seventh grader just like Pepper Ann!" This show was another great one, colorful animation, fast moving story lines, and every episode was her getting into trouble, completely on accident and her just trying to be cool. But I know for me, and probably a lot of you, Pepper Ann, in our hearts, was as cool as it gets. This was my Saturday morning ritual!

Lizzie McGuire

          I'll probably get some flack from this one, because yes, it's hopelessly cheesy, and Hillary Duff never really improved on her acting skills after all those years but, I loved this show when I was younger. I always looked forward to new episodes because she was trying to figure things out, again in Jr. High, and she went through what every girl goes through, from friends to boys to little siblings. It's a tough world out there, although her world was always a little more dramatic than the average girls life, simply because she's a character on a Disney Channel show. But back in the day, Lizzie was, in my opinion, the most awesome person ever. And let's face it, we all have a Kate in our lives, trying to ruin our day with her perfectly crimped hair.


            Zoom always came on tv around 4 or 5 in the afternoon and I remember waiting for dinner to be ready and watching it. It was so great, because they had games, music, cooking (which was always my favorite part, of course.) and science. PBS did an awesome job of incorporating a little bit of education with fun! I have a lot of great memories watching this show with my sisters. I only lived a few hours away from Boston, where they filmed it, at the time and dreamed of the day I could try out for this show, unfortunately that never happened. But that's ok, I wasn't too scarred, at least I got to watch it every night and pretend I was the girl in the overalls.

       I hope you enjoyed this blast-from-the-past! Comment and let us know what some of your favorite tv shows, growing up were and why you loved them as much as I loved these shows!

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