Monday, March 18, 2013

Justin Bieber's "Breakdown" by Emily Cote

          So there's this Justin Bieber person, maybe you've heard of him. You probably have, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 3+ years. He's been gathering his "Bielibers" for the whole of his career, and believe me, you don't want to start a discussion with one of them, unless you enjoy having someone tell you in great detail about how he helps people in need and loves his fans more than life itself, yada yada yada...but I'm not here to rant about how I hate him, because I don't. Now I don't particularly enjoy listening to his music on a day to day basis by any means, but this post is merely to discuss, the so-called "breakdown" he's been having. Showing up a few hours late for a concert, his wardrobe going down the toilet and Twitter rants are a few of the things people have been…I guess you could say, “concerned” about.
          Our society feeds on other people’s drama, misfortunes, and breakdowns and it seems for some people, it's all they can talk about. Since we've never been so famous that almost the entire population knows our names and our faces, we don't exactly know what it's like to be under that microscope. We also, more than likely, don't know what it's like to never have to work to make your dreams become reality. All he had to do was sing some songs on YouTube and boom, that's how the Beibs got his start at age 13. So let's just think about this for a second - he never had to work to make money, I mean, not really, because he's doing what he loves to do and gets paid millions, or how to fit in at a new school or where to go to college. Clearly our lives are a bit different from Beiber's. All I'm saying is, before we assume he's having a mental break down, for those of you who hate him, or before we assume it's someone's fault that he's acting this way, for those of you who love him, maybe it's merely that he really doesn't know what it's like to be a grown up and act like one too. Looks like our friend Beibs has some growing up to do still. As do most child stars, they've always been in that world, everything handed to them, always having every luxury imaginable and never having a care in the world, until they get to an age when they want to be treated like an "adult" and so the criticism comes flooding in, and before they know it, they're being treated like an adult. And after all, that’s just what they asked for.


  1. I think JB's breakdown may be the result of too many hair products...

  2. i love justin bieber... :} apparently i have been seen jumping on the roof with him during writing 2