Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Spine Bookmarks by Emily Cote

When was the last time you made a craft that was simple, affordable and something you actually used? Well today's the day. Reading is a great pass time, but how many times have you ended up starting a book and all you had for a bookmark was a piece of paper you grabbed from your side table by your bed? I know I have, a lot. Because let's face it, we go to the store and all you can find for bookmarks are the ones with the kittens on them, made of plastic with a saying like, "Best Friends Are 4Ever!" or "I love Reading!" blah, gross. No thank you. So here's a way to take old books that are falling apart or books you find for $1 at a yard sale and turn them into something you'll use for a long time! Click the link below to learn how to make Book Spine Bookmarks! :)


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