Friday, March 22, 2013

"Honey, did you hit anything for dinner?" by Robyn Scott

So this is what you get for being allowed to take home roadkill. Yes, in the state of Michigan it is perfectly legal (with the proper license) to load up the animal, which you've just pummeled with your car, take it home, and eat it. I came across this story, however, of how a man put a not-so-dead deer in the back of his car. 

Indeed, around 2:00am in the town of Kalamazoo, Michigan (I'm not making that name up), a police officer's attention was drawn to a man sitting in his car, parked behind a Red Roof Hotel. The officer, and his officer friends, approached the man in his car. They asked about what he was up to, and he replied that he had a roadkill-deer in the back of his car, with which he was planning to feed his family. The officers asked if they could check the deer's tagging, and he obviously couldn't object. 

After the officers opened the trunk, to their surprise, a seemingly unharmed deer tumbled out of the car, and ran off into the woods.

The number of questions (and jokes) are endless here. Like, how did he get a LIVE deer in the back of his car? Why go to a hotel? Does he really have a family? 

We'll probably never know.

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