Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Elephant Man By Hannah Haley

     The Elephant Man is a book written by Christine Sparks that was published in 1986. It's a book that beholds an inspiring story of a man, John Merricks, who is trapped in his grotesque body. With a past that is beyond living hell, he is tortured and known as the Elephant Man. Silence is his greatest plea. Despite his mental disabilities and deformed body, he still finds joy in a hopeless life. 
     Thus, the man who brings hope to the helpless Elephant Man is Dr. Treves. While Dr. Treves is out to do good in the world, he often forgets of his own struggles. Through ugly mistakes and bitter memories, Dr. Treves finds John Merrick trapped in a abusing world. Both of the men help each other, significantly, through this one small journey of life. By this tedious journey, they both find joy and understanding. With compassionate souls, the two men become friends.
     Christine Sparks shows through this story that beauty can be found through the ugliest things. Beauty that is not seen through sight, but seen through the mind. This book teaches one not to judge others by their appearance, but to have mercy upon their hardships. If you show a person one bit of kindness, it can go a long way and change their life. You could help someone find oneself, allowing that someone to see their true form.
  I particularly loved this book because it allowed me to open up my heart, eyes, and mind to something that most would turn away from. If you want to know what an impact you might have on someone, I encourage you to read The Elephant Man. It's a story that will allow you to open up and allow exquisiteness to be seen through your heart. 

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