Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bill O'Reily Should Stop Talking by Caleb Wright

Bill O’Reilly should shut up. Seriously, nobody cares. For an in-depth rundown of what’s wrong with him, go check out The Huffington Post.

Essentially, he said he was reporting from a dangerous warzone a few times, when in fact, the places he went weren’t a part of the warzone and weren’t all that dangerous. His reporting pieces from those less-than-warzones are also sub-par, too.

Of course, this only really affects the few people who still take Bill O’Reilly seriously . Alexandra Petri of The Washington Post outlined what would really be a scandal for Bill to say:

"• O’Reilly caught on tape being self-effacing and quiet.

• O’Reilly caught on tape saying that someone in the news should NOT be fired.

• A phone call recorded by a staffer reveals O’Reilly politely suggesting, ‘How about we continue to have a respectful, professional relationship?’ …

• Suppressed footage shows O’Reilly listening politely to someone with whom he disagrees, nodding along. At one point, about midway through the clip, O’Reilly seems ready to interrupt, but then thinks better of it. At the end of the segment he thanks the guest for her time and says ‘I really hadn’t understood that side of the issue before. I may have to revise my view. You, ma’am, are a national treasure.’”

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