Saturday, February 21, 2015

King Abdullah II by Caleb Wright

Fox News and associated right-wing blogs have discovered a new, unlikely hero: King Abdullah II of Jordan. In comparison to the relatively weak response of the Obama Administration to beheadings and murders by ISIS, the Jordanian king was hardline. His Facebook page posted the picture below, with the caption:
His Majesty King Abdullah II, The Supreme Commander of Jordanian Armed Forces, cuts short his visit to the United States of America after the martyrdom of Muath Al Kasasbeh

Many people, after seeing the above picture, assumed that King Abdullah II, as a former special forces operator and pilot, would personally participate in airstrikes. Unfortunately, that’s false; as the International Business Times reported:
[A spokesman for the Jordanian airforce] said in a statement that reports about the personal involvement of the King in combat missions on IS targets [are] unfounded and baseless.
However, King Abdullah II is still a very good leader, especially for the Middle East. Many Americans and Westerners in general don’t realize it, but he’s a descendant of Muhammad, and a strong believer in Islam. But, as Joel C. Rosenburg, a best-selling author and journalist, said:
As a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad, the king sees himself as a moderate Arab reformer. He believes Islam is the answer to the challenges facing his region, but he does not believe violent jihad is the way forward. He has built good relations with the West, maintains a solid peace treaty with Israel, and has worked hard to protect Christians in Jordan.
Coalition forces need leaders like King Abdullah II in order to be successful; not only is he willing to use force as necessary, he’s the kind of Muslim that practices his faith without harming others, and without perverting Islamic doctrine to condone violence.

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