Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Compliments by Christina Barron


Compliments are something that hold the power to make (or break) you and another person’s day. Therefore some people think compliments are risky and should be avoided. Whether that’s your view on them or not, here are some reasons why you should give genuine compliments and some examples of good ones to give!

1.       Positivity! Giving a real compliment forces you to focus on the positive elements in someone else’s life and can in turn expand your own positivity. You’ll start noticing that life is quite a bit more positive than you realize at first glance when you take a moment and complement someone.
2.       Attractiveness! The abilities to be positive, genuine, and appreciative are all very attractive traits to have!
3.       Fun! Being nice is a fun way to spark happy feelings inside yourself and your friend/acquaintance!

Compliments that don’t have anything to do with the other person’s physical appearance are the best, because they are the most seldom given/received. 

Just remember, complements are to be given to everyone at some point! However, only give one if you really sincerely mean it, because otherwise, it can come off in the wrong way. 

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