Thursday, February 12, 2015

    To Read the Diary of Anne Frank ~ By Cara Haley
      Anne Frank was truly one remarkable girl, and her diary is as extraordinarily significant as she.  She lived through a war, and even though she was unable to survive, the thoughts that she simply wrote down still lives on today. She was an individual who had a fiery soul of passion.  And of course, she never chide herself from asking questions about the things that were unknown to her or were said to be right. 
  The reason why I admire Anne Frank so greatly is because she was a realistic person with real struggles. Even through difficulties, there were her own personal inner difficulties that required exerting mental actions. Somehow though, she still saw life as a beautiful blessing that underwent a few curses. She emphasized that we all have our own decisions to make, and no matter the guidance our parents give us, the ultimate choice is ours.  
  The Diary of Anne Frank was truly a heartfelt written out in words, and those words  expressed her curious thoughts. Nothing in life is left to the point of being completely meaningless. Instead of having no values, she looked at life as a moment that will pass on by, and said that it was selfish to cling unto that. Anne's  young heart was filled with life and compassion for others.  I truly have respect for her bravery and her selfless ambition. Her words that are written will not be forgotten, but  remembered for hope. Those wise words will never fade away. But ""who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?" Anne Frank is one incredible individual who expresses such unimaginable emotion in her dairy.  I strongly advice one to read it if they have not already. It will rouse your thoughts, and it might even change your perspective on a few things. The most important though, it will allow you to enter a mind that watched and documented the moment the world seemed to have been ending. 

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