Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day.... by Amy Yarbrough

       Valentine’s day is the mushy gushy poetry writing distant cousin in the holiday family. It’s not a holiday that people look forward to all year, like Christmas, or Easter, or Thanksgiving. All it provides to the world is lots of teddy bears and the vivid colors pink and red burning holes in your eyes at the grocery store. Even though Valentine’s day is technically over, I still felt the need to rant about it, because what else would I be doing on a Wednesday night? The sad truth is that if you just so happen to be single whilst complaining about Valentines day, people will just be like “oh you just have to spend it with the right person!” or “Don’t worry you'll like it someday! :)” <— This is bull poop. 
What this holiday really is? Pressure. You're expected to get some fancy gift for your significant other, or go out to a fancy dinner, or both… The point is it’s a whole lot of fancy for nothing. And then you have to deal with people who say “oh let’s not do Valentines day! You don’t need to get me anything!” and then BAM you got a teddy bear bigger than your partners disappointment. And what if you get them a gift that’s not as good as their gift for you? Now you feel bad. Now you question your life’s choices. Now you're considering running away with your disappointment sized bear. The concept of Valentine’s day itself isn't bad at all. I mean there’s a holiday for everything, and love isn't the worst thing to celebrate. But why is it just for buying gifts and trying to spoil each other? It’s like some weird contest to see who the sappiest couple is. This article might make it sound like I hate Valentine’s day, but that’s not true. It’s a nice holiday, but in the end, you're going to remember the time you spent with that person, not the gift they got you. Why spend money when time is the most precious thing you can give someone.

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