Thursday, February 23, 2017

This is Why We Need Less Feminism by Emily Winningham

        The word “feminism” brings to mind a horde of rioting women trying to stick it to the man. What are they trying to stick to the man? Female dominance. Men would be nothing without women; women should be treated fairly and earn an equal amount of money as men; women need more rights; etc. 
I am a young woman myself, and I definitely believe there’s something to be said about a woman who can stand on her own and pave her own way in society. Women leaders are great. Women in highly official jobs are cool, too. Women who can get the job done are pretty fly as well. There’s nothing wrong with a strong, independent woman. 
However, there is something wrong with the need for female dominance. It’s corrupting the minds of the next generation of youths. I mean, literally. I turned on Disney Junior for my little sister the other day, and there was a commercial about how strong girls are and how girls can be just like their Disney Princess role models. This commercial made me wonder, What about the boys? 
Don’t boys watch this channel, too? Surely they must. How do little boys feel about growing up in a world where they come second to women? Do you think that’s supposed to teach them to respect women? To stand back and let women get that CEO position? No, it teaches them that they’re weak, that they’re unnecessary. 
Boys have no role models in this generation. The boys in the cartoons young kids watch are weak characters. They’re usually held back by fear from accomplishing anything. Older boys can look up to Harry Potter, or almost any middle grade adventure book. The funny thing is, many books of this type are targeted towards boys–with predominant male leads, rising to action and being a hero–whereas once you get to the young adult section, which is targeted at teenagers, almost every book has a female lead. 
So for one short period of time, boys have role models. They’re shown that they can be heroes and warriors. Until they become teenagers, that is. Because female dominance is once again asserted. Females are the heroines. only girls can save the day. 
And this is only boys who read. There’s a lot of boys who don’t read. I don’t know much about video games to know whether any impacting role models can be found there, but I do know there aren’t a lot of TV shows airing these days targeted at boys. 
This female dominance thing is hurting our men. They aren’t emotionless machines. They are as completely human as the rest of us, ladies. But because of the society we are forcing them to grow up in, they’re lacking in self confidence. They don’t believe in their abilities. 
Boys need to be told that they are strong and mighty. Little boys need to be told that they can be just like a Disney Prince or hero. They need to be told that they can achieve any goal in life they set their minds to. Men need to be valued for their worth. The world cannot stand to let female dominance grow, because God put men on this earth for a reason. And they need to be given a chance to fulfill that reason.
No, I don’t have a problem with a strong woman who can save herself. But I do have a problem with treating boys like they are second to women. Equality is what we need to strive for. Actual equality. We can work together to achieve our goals. Women are just as needed as men, and men are just as needed as women. 

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