Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dogs by Clayton Davis

Animals are possibly the best things ever. Everyone has a favorite kind of animal, whether its a hippo, giraffe, panda, or something common like a dog or cat. Personally, I love dogs. They're cute and funny and they love to run around with you. There are even different breeds of dogs for different things.

Hunting dogs are popular with hunters for obvious reasons. Whether its a retriever or a spotter, dogs are great for hunting. I own a beagle, which is a breed meant for hunting rabbits. My dog is honestly pretty stupid and has not noticed a deer standing within 25 feet of her. She's quirky though, and I can't imagine what it would be like to not have her.

Herding dogs are also popular, mainly for farmers. They can help herd cattle, sheep, pigs, or other animals. I also have a herding dog, but this one is a mix. She's a mix of Australian cattle dog and corgi. She's a little bit more useful than my beagle, but we've kind of ruined her. She's extremely lazy, but a great dog. Her herding shows when she tries to herd my beagle around the house.

Lots of people have golden retrievers or labs, and those are some of my favorite breeds too. The puppies are adorable and so are the full grown ones. They're also really easy to train and are great with kids. If you haven't heard of golden retrievers or labradors, you really don't know much about dogs. But that's ok, it gives me an excuse to put pictures on here.

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