Monday, February 8, 2016

Keep Droning On by Clayton Davis

Small portable objects that can be flown through the air for miles. No, I’m not talking about the world’s most amazing paper airplane, I’m talking about drones. Drones are small objects, typically a bit bigger than a basketball, that can be controlled from the ground and flown miles away from the controller.
The company DJI is one of the biggest names in civilian accessible drone technology, if not number one. DJI is a Chinese company, founded in 2006 by Frank Wang. They manufacture a variety of products, of which their flying cameras (the “Inspire” and “Phantom” series are the most popular. They also produce flying platforms, controllers, and camera gimbels, and ground stations. Upon reaching their 10th anniversary this year, DJI celebrated by coming out with some notable sale prices as a way to thank their fans and consumers, namely on their Phantom drones.
Among the wide variety of products sold by DJI, perhaps the most commonly known one is the “Phantom” series quadcopter drone. This drone comes equipped with four individual propellers and a camera with wifi capabilities, so that you can see what the drone sees by using an app on your smartphone or tablet. The Phantom drone is widely popular for those who want to take videos or pictures from an aerial perspective. Since the drone can be flown miles away from the controller, some amazing photos and videos can be taken with the it.

To some people, drones seem like immensely dangerous items, since they can be flown large distances away from the user. However, many restrictions and laws are in place to avoid circumstances that could potentially be dangerous. The American Federal Aviation Administration proposed numerous laws and regulations to safeguard civilians from reckless drone pilots looking to cause trouble and ensure proper operation of the unmanned flying vehicles. In 2015, the regulations suggested by the AFAA were passed and put into effect throughout the nation. Even with these laws, when flying drones in public places it is most likely in your best interest if you ask the owner of the property for permission before taking a drone out on a flight. Knowing the rules pertaining to the flight zone is imperative when flying a drone. There are many no flying zones, such as political events, professional sports games, and most other large events.
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