Friday, February 5, 2016

Journalism Bake Sale

On February 8, the Journalism staff will be selling Valentines cookies to assist in funding the yearbook. It's only one dollar for a cookie, or two if you're going to have it personalized. We will be selling many different types, such as Singles Awareness Cookies (for loners), Friendzone cookies (for loners who try too hard), Bae (with a question mark) cookies, BFF cookies, You're Number One cookies, Prom (with a question mark) cookies and at least four other types. (Don't worry, there will be a handy form with a nice list) There will also be an option that allows you to personalize a cookie. Just select 'other' on the form, tell the staff what you want the cookie to say, and tell them who you want to deliver it to.  (It's a fine option for you stalkers out there, or for those of you whose hopes outpace your courage.) All this say, we need your money, and it will go toward a good cause.

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