Monday, February 15, 2016

Homeschool News with Amy Yarbrough

        In case you were wondering what was going on in the land of homeschoolers, new adjustments and events are in the making! 
HAAC Day Orientation is becoming a thing. New students will have the opportunity to come to the orientation to meet their teachers on March 30th. Not only will they be able to get a feel on how hard the teacher will be, but the teachers will also get to determine whether or not you're a problem child. (Yeah, we get those.) 

In other news, The Dance Semi-Formally Known as the Spring Ball will take place on March 12th at the Bulverde Spring Branch Activity center. From 7:00 to 11:00 highschoolers will be invited to give us $15 to attend this westernish dance thing. Teens are welcome to bring dates as long as they remember to leave room for Jesus. Required attire for girls is blue jeans, boots, brown eyes, and a really big truck. If you're still confused on what to wear, just turn on the western radio channel. 

In other other news, next year many new classes will be added to HAAC and SAC. Photography will be offered again at HAAC Day. That’s right folks, you’ll finally find out what those fancy buttons on your camera do! The teacher will also teach the students how to use Lightroom, a more artsy-fartsy version of photoshop. The program does contain way better filters than Instagram.
For the first time in years, Spanish will be offered at both HAAC and SAC day. For some reason, in the past it was near impossible to have a good spanish teacher at both class days, for none can live while the other survives. But now Voldemort is dead and the curse is lifted. 
There have also been rumors about a film making class, in which students will watch classic movies all year, and make their own movie as a final project. It in unclear whether or not the class will make, but it would be a great way to learn about film making. Plus, who wouldn't want to watch movies for homework?

In other somewhat related news, go and follow the HAAC day Instagram account! The pictures must be taken AT a HAAC or SAC related event. We don’t care how cute your dog is. Students can direct message the account HaacySac for a chance to see their picture appear on the page. If you think the page is lame like SOME people, I will remind you that cool people do indeed follow this page. 

In seemingly related other news, many are unaware that the SAC Day performance of You Can’t Take it With You will be on a Thursday and Saturday night, instead of the usual Friday Saturday showings. The change in schedule is due to the Friday School Prom being the corresponding Friday night. So don't show up at the Bulverde Baptist Church on Friday.

IN OTHER NOT RELATED news, it has been scientifically proven that word counts for blog posts are depriving the world from near due-date written articles, and thus depriving you all of some really cool lists. And lists are great because they require lots of spaces and only a few sentences beforehand to make them seem long. I’ve written a list to prove it.


1. Forget 

2. Did I mention forget? I forgot.

3. Make a really good sandwich and eat your problems away.

4. Make lists.

5. Stress over other schoolish things.

6. I have finally reached my word count.

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