Friday, March 10, 2017

Why Spongebob Squarepants Needs to End

By Kyle Kuykendall 

Spongebob Squarepants, you don’t have to watch to show to have heard the name. Truly this show has been one of the most renowned shows and will go down in history. It has truly defined a generation, myself included. The show was my childhood summed up in a TV show and many others feel the same way.

But the sad truth of this marvelous show, is that Nickelodeon has been milking the show ever since season 7, which lasted from 2009-2011. Nick still produces new episodes and they are stepping into their 11th season. But the mass majority of Spongebob fans will in fact tell you that the old episodes were by far better.

Now of course there are still some die hard fans who appreciate the new episode on account of the fact its Spongebob. I would be one of those people as well, but its just sad at how absurd and un-entertaining the show has become. Now before you say that it has always been absurd, let me say this. It has always been absurd, that’s a given, but the level of absurdity that it possesses now it far more annoying than it used to be. If you grew up watching it you would know that yes it was stupid, but it enacted stupidity in a way that was funny, and not in a way that is just horrid.
One of the main reasons that the show has lost its likeness, is because Nick has kept it going longer than it should have. If I further explain that its that as I said before, ever since season 7 in my own preference, the show has lost all of its originality and its creative use of humor. The seasons that were prior to that, season 5 and 6 were better than season 7 in the sense that they were funnier. But the season before that (1-4) were by far the greatest. They were humorous, creative, and used a form of comedy that was so entertaining that so many people enjoyed it.

Another reason is that the new episode are written by new writers, who obviously have no good sense in humor. The humor they use is so modern, which instantly makes it bad because what is considered humor now days, to children at least, is just awful. If you were to watch an episode from season 2 and then proceed to watch one from season 10, and you will see a night and day difference between the way the story of the episode is panned out, and the way it attempts to be funny. The older writers of the show had such creativity and such amazing use of humor that wasn’t so crude.

Spongebob is one of my favorite shows and will always be. And it is the favorite show of millions of other people. But ask any of them that have watched it for years, and they will tell you that it needs to end.

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