Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gun Control by Clayton Davis

Most Americans love guns, plain and simple. This is especially true in the south. The large group of people that don't fantasize about everyone owning a gun however, often try to get stricter gun control laws passed. One such law that is widely implemented are gun free zones. As everyone knows, creating a zone where you can't carry a gun will OBVIOUSLY stop a criminal, who was planning on shooting someone (which, big shocker, is illegal), from carrying out said plan. Even the most hardened of criminals will stop and turn around when they see that people don't want them to carry a gun in a certain area. Some people are okay with killing another human, but breaking the law by bringing a weapon into a gun free zone? Heavens no.

Another idea that some anti-gun people believe will magically fix gun violence, is restricting the sale of guns to regular citizens. They believe that, even in the hands of law-abiding citizens, a citizen owning a gun is a recipe for disaster. That no matter who is in possession of it, the gun is what kills the person. There’s no way that the gun is merely a tool and you have to willfully point it at someone and pull the trigger for it to kill someone. No, people definitely don’t kill people, guns do. Also, spoons made my cousin obese.

Some people have the opposite idea when it comes to fixing gun violence within certain areas or zones. One such example commonly noted when discussing this idea, is at schools. Schools are widely known as gun free zones, so the idea of having the security guards at them armed with a handgun is slightly odd for most people. Especially for the people whose children attend said school, who most likely prefer not to think about their kids needing to be defended with firearms. Although, who knows. Maybe there are some parents who do enjoy thinking about having armed guards at their children’s school as they drink their morning coffee. The notion of having security guards with handguns, as well as signs that say “area patrolled by armed guards”, has been tossed around by some of the citizens who are less than supportive of gun control. While this may have a *slight* oppressive nature, it most certainly is an… interesting… idea.

Concealed or open carry is quite popular among pro-gun people, but many anti-gun citizens are simply horrified by the idea. An anti-gun supporter will most likely never consider the good that an openly carried handgun would be able to do. No, instead having the ability to quickly end a conflict, or even prevent it from occurring, openly carrying a handgun is absolutely begging for someone to come steal it and use it to commit a heinous crime. There’s “absolutely no way” that openly carrying a handgun, or being able to quickly draw a concealed handgun, will quickly end a crime. It’s not even possible that a criminal that intended to commit a crime, such as robbing a store, will change his mind when seeing that the establishment is full of customers armed with handguns that would potentially be able to prevent him or her from breaking the law and harming someone. There’s no way that anything like that has ever happened before. Definitely not terrorists being shot nearly immediately at a “Draw Mohammed Cartoon Contest” in Texas. Purely imaginative, absolutely no way that anything like that could or would happen. Oh wait…

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