Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Joys of Group Projects by Amy Yarbrough

  What is the best part about group projects? Is it the fact that your grade depends on the work of other people? Is it that kid who refuses to do anything? Is it that overwhelming urge to drown all your partners in a vat of their own tears? All good things, yes? 
  There’s nothing like a good group project to reveal who your true friends are. In some cases, no one. No one is your friend. 

  If you're in the middle of enjoying a group project, you may be experiencing these things plus a hundred other strong feelings. Unlike most class assignments, group projects teach you a few things you didn't know about the people you silently judge every day.



1. That person you thought was totally cool is actually a project leech. And you will spend so much time worrying about what the project leech is or isn't doing, that you realize that you have barely started your own part of the project. What is a project leech you ask? A project leech is the lovely person who won't do any of the work, and thus sucks every last living drop of your will to get a good grade, and then fuels a new anger you didn't know was living inside of you like a dormant volcano. But y’know, he’s there to learn your teacher said. It’ll be fun she said.

2. That one friend who actually got put in the same group is now your best friend and your only tie to sanity. He or she will do what they said they would, and the two of you will keep the other people in check. Hold on to them like the precious little cauliflowers they are.

3. That lazy dude who seems like he doesn't pay attention might come through. Some people just procrastinate. The fun part about these guys is trying to figure out whether or not they're a project leech.

4. That one weird know-it-all who seems like they'll be cool with the assignments is actually whining about it every chance they can get. It’s just so hard to be the nerd. Such inconvenience. Much abuse. Wow. They may or may not be writing about it on social media.

5. That one rare person who actually seems like they know what they're doing is hard to get a hold of. Are they writing they're presentation? Are they watching TV? Are they robbing a bank? Who knows? You don’t. But either way, they show up with their work done!

6. The teacher is laughing at your pain. They knew this would happen. They knew what it would do to you. They knew you'd end up in the corner in the fetal position. They know you're internally screaming. It’s music to them.

  Group projects are a great way to make…er…friends… You will definitely remember these people for a while. Have fun.

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